Q - Do you have your own PA system and lighting?

A - Yes, we have a high quality but compact PA system which is ample for us in most rooms. If your wedding is in an especially large venue we sometimes hire-in a larger system. We use LED lighting for all of our performances.


Q - Can we use your PA system for a disco or speeches before/between/after your sets?

A - Yes! Usage between our sets is totally free. If you would like us to arrive early or stay late with our equipment then we do charge a small fee, usually around £150 to keep the party going! Lots of people choose this option as it is usually cheaper than hiring a DJ.


Q - If we are using your PA after your sets, who chooses the music?

A - We have a playlist of party classics that we find usually goes down well, but we love it when clients make their own playlist on a laptop or ipod, this guarantees you get the music you want. We come prepared with all the necessary cables to plug your device into our PA system, so all you have to do is choose the tunes!


Q - How long does it take you to set up?

A - We like to allow 45 minutes to set up completely. Ideally we will be able to have a quick soundcheck at this point as well. If timings are tight we can pack it into 25 minutes but anything less than that is pushing it!


Q - What time will you arrive to set up?

A- We usually arrive around 1 to 1.5 hours before our start time. If you have specific requirements that we set up earlier in the day that isn't a problem at all, but we do charge a small fee depending on the circumstances, usually between £80-150.


Q - Do you have a break between your sets. How long can it be?

A - We normally have a 15-30 minute break between our sets, this can be extended up to 45 minutes or longer but we may have to charge a small extra fee if it is going to significantly add to the 'waiting' time.


Q - Are the exact people in the videos the going to be at our event?

A - The musicians featured in our videos form the core of the band, and for the most part these are the people who will be at your event. However, it is sometimes not possible for everyone to attend, so we have a reliable network of 'standbys' all of whom have been playing with the band on and off since its formation. This may sometimes mean we have 2 saxophonists rather than trumpet and saxophone, but rest assured the quality of the band never suffers.


Q - Can you play a more traditional swing set without the pop tunes?

A - We love jazz, and all of the members are keen jazz musicians outside of this band. This means that if you are looking for a more traditional Jazz sound then we are more than happy to oblige. 


Q - How far do you travel for gigs?

A - We will travel almost any distance for a great gig, but unfortunately we have to pass the cost of this travel onto our clients. This may sometimes mean including accommodation costs in the quote. Just get in touch for more information.